Thursday, May 22, 2014

Josef Kote Personal Appearance

Galeria del Mar, a Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Company, announced today an exhibition of over 30 new originals and limited editions from New York based artist Josef Kote. A private Collector’s Party and reception will take place on Friday, May 30th from 7-10pm and the exhibition is open to the public and available for sale on Saturday, May 31st. Josef Kote will be available during a public Meet & Greet on Saturday between 12-5pm.

“These colorful originals from Josef Kote represent the greatest excitement we have seen in many years” said Len Cutter, president. Cutter went on to say, “Kote’s unique blend of realism with abstraction and expressionism has enlightened us as art dealers to a change in the tastes of art lovers in our First Coast marketplace. Throughout the years our galleries have been traditional, classic line and form, if you will. Our sales inform us that, as markets mature, new and younger collectors have emerged and we must keep pace. With artists like Josef Kote, with his highly trained eye and uniquely powerful and expressive style, we are doing just that.”

Kote was born in Albania, immigrated to Toronto and has recently settled in New York City.

The gallery is open from 10:30am – 10pm on weekends and 10:30am - 6pm on weekdays call 904-829-2120 for details. For further information visit and click on the events tab.

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