Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Royo will make a personal appearance at Brilliance In Color on Friday, March 16th and Saturday, March 17th. If you would like more information on this special weekend event please contact Brilliance In Color gallery at 904-810-0406 or email us at bic@cutterandcutter.com.

Royo's canvases are an elegant form of language, however his efforts are not limited to the obvious (that he paints beautiful women in unique settings), we have come to understand that his art is an effort to identify a myriad of emotion and feeling. We are inspired by his insightful words, “I do not paint horses or people, I paint sublimate ideas; emotions which are transmitted through forms.”

There is much more occurring within each of Royo's paintings than a simple search for beauty. As a modern Spanish Master Royo is following icons such as Velazquez, Ribera and Sorolla, this is no small feat and we are honored to support his continued search for a unique voice.

Visit us at www.cutterandcutter.com to view all of Royo's available original works.

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